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Cross-Training the Brain: To Emulate Competence   represents several man-years' of research into stretching mental capabilities. In 2005 I revised the original book, and in 2013 I improved it again, keeping it up-to-date and maximally useful.
The book distills down to 239 illustrated letter-size pages in a lie-flat comb binding, or as an electronic version on CD, being PC- or Mac-readable (your latest Reader® version is a free download at ).
Along with clickable notes, the CD contributes useful View, Navigation, Linkage, Search, and Print capabilities.

In Cross-Training the Brain   explore methods that promote expert performance. The process ingrains practical ways of thinking that empower you to better penetrate scholastic or real-world challenges. Here is a comprehensive set of troubleshooting principles upon which to base a lifetime of creative inquiry and effective thinking. The first time that you surmount an otherwise resistant problem using this approach will prove its value.
The book ties together findings of relevant studies on cognitive abilities. It contains plans for applying the findings to everyday situations, be they diffuse obstacles or specific questions. The goal: follow the lead of expert problem solvers to augment reasoning ability and enhance competency in your chosen field. To this end, the author identifies general ability criteria with which to gage and reinforce specific performance. The reader learns to enhance competence with problem-cracking strategies and tactics. Devices exploited in this system make practical the tools of heuristics, brainstorming, symbolic logic, and decision analysis.

Elements of the Plan.

  • Marshal mental resources by systematically refining psych and physical dispositions.
  • Adopt and adapt checklists to guide responses to uncertainties.
  • Progressively cross-train the brain across a gamut of ability criteria.
  • Assimilate a repertoire of reasoning techniques as a base for future insights.

  • There is a solution to every problem. This book uses solid methods that guide the reader through adaptive techniques to achieve greater competence in any field of interest.

    Professor Paul Zeitz, Chairman of the Univ. of San Francisco Math Dept. writes of Cross-Training for the Brain -- "Your book is very kind and generous to its reader, like a sympathetic 'life coach.' I especially liked your synergistic development of what is needed to become a better problem solver. . . a number of your examples illustrate very important and subtle problem-solving ideas."

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    Think well, do better, be your best.  JCV.

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